We see them everywhere and at the same time we never really notice them…

This documentary is about Mike Heist who has been working in the neon light industry in Portland for over 30 years. He takes you on a tour through his work. You will see how hard it is to make these neon signs you see all over the world. You would think that these signs are made by big machines but the opposite is true. All the little pipes need to be heated and blown into the right shapes.

So why is this film named 10 seconds?.

“The finished product is always the best. You work all day and then you get the 10 seconds of joy from looking at the finished product.”

10 seconds is made by The Pressure, the studio of creative director, designer and illustrator Adam R. Garcia. Garcia has worked in a lot of different fields of  the cultural industry and is now a teacher of design at the Portland State University. In his studio he is driven by creative solutions with a focus on collaboration, community and creative exploration.

10 seconds short shot 19 nov