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This month saw the release of a new musicvideo by Romain Gavras. Because of his great, but pretty nihilistic videos for Justice and M.I.A., we were keeping a close watch on the new stuff he was doing. After doing a feauture, he is back with the short form and this time made a video for Jay-Z and Kanye West’s No Church in the Wild. The chorus of the song has the line “Human beings in a mob” and Gavras took it from there. 5 minutes of total anarchy reminding us of the London riots last year, although Gavras was mainly inspired by the Greek riots (and went as far as to even design the police uniforms in that fashion). Maybe his style seems to become a bit repetitive, but there is enough great stuff in this video for us to include it in the blog: the dramatic close-ups of the statues, great slow motion scenes, the lasers that seem to turn the whole event into a light show and lets not forget the elephant! Gavras know how to give violence a great aesthetic feel.

It’s always great when more established people in the film-industry give new talent a chance to show their skills. This time actor Kevin Spacey and producer Dana Brunetti (The Social Network) started the Jameson First Shot. Directors could send in a 7-page script, and eventually three of them would get the chance to shoot the short film. With Spacey in the leading role that is! All three films are pretty good, but of course we want to show you the best one! Benjamin Leavitt from the USA came up with a story about a man and his wooden puppet who leads a life of his own. Can’t go wrong with that! If you’re also interested in the other shorts, there is the Russian The Envelope and the South African Spirit of a Denture.

Just like last week, we are still looking back to the 48 Hour Film Project that took place during the fourth edition of Go Short. This time we present the second audience favorite from the 27 films that were made this year. As you will soon find out, Sign of Life is a silent film. But don’t go expecting a black and white, old-fashioned film, because that’s not the case! The Kijkbuiskinderen came up with a contemporary love story about a deaf girl and a boy who can´t speak while both lying in a hospital. The soundtrack expresses perfectly how they feel for each other. Enjoy!