This week we have found you a short documentary about American filmmaker Hillman Curtis, who unfortunately passed away on April 18 this year. In this documentary he shares his experiences as a maker of short films. By setting himself a limitation of a 7 minute maximum and using the internet as his movie theatre, he gives a perfect example of the do-it-yourself side of filmmaking. A very inspiring documentary for a short film festival like us! You can check out Curtis’ short films at his website. But start by watching this documentary and get inspired!

We always like it when Dutch films get a lot of attention on the web. The last two years this has certainly been the case with Dutch animations, like for instance last years’ student films Mac ‘n Cheese and Sheeped Away. This last film was made by Junaid Chundrigar, who got another giant hit this year with his latest effort Disassembled. Inspired by the Avengers film and a name that refers to a crossover event in the Marvel universe, Junaid dove into this world and shows us a side of superheroes we normally don’t get to see. But it definitely feels comforting to know that even with superpowers, you sometimes have a bad day.

As a direct spin-off from this film, Junaid is now working on a 12-part webseries called Bad Days for Stan Lee’s website World of Heroes. Keep your eyes peeled for that one!

This week we present you with the music video for Antony and the Johnsons’ latest single Cut The World. A beautifully filmed short that has been made in the Netherlands a short while ago when the play The Life and Death of Marina Abramović was being performed at the Holland Festival. Besides the song, the director also borrowed Willem Dafoe and Marina Abramović from the play, and put them alongside Holland’s favorite actress Carice van Houten: talk about a great cast. The ease of the camera goes perfectly together with Antony’s easeful and sugar-sweet voice, but is counterpointed with a shocking ending that leaves you disillusioned (and lets us see Carice in a role that we haven’t seen from her before!). Like Antony sings:

My heart is a record of dangerous scenes.

This week we have a student graduation film for you, all the way from the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem. You won’t believe it when you start watching this film, but this is Neta Cohen’s first attempt at stopmotion animation. A really crafty, beautifully designed film with paper sculptures, reminding me a bit of David O´Reilly´s work in the way it is really hyperactive and vague at the same time (and of course the pooping bird!). The film feels like a number of random scenes tied together by a critique on the 2.0 culture. A talent we have to keep our eye on!

The start of the summer in The Netherlands, always means a new series of “Zomergasten”: a number of long interviews with interesting people (mostly Dutch) in which they show their favorite television-moments and film bits. Last Sunday comedian Micha Wertheim got interviews and showed his favorite fragments. Among them was the short by Lernert & Sander called I Love Alaska, one of a number of episodic documentaries. In these films we get to know a women through her search-queries. We were blown away by the one we saw, so we thought why not spend some more attention to it on our blog, because there is a lot more to see. We could only include one of the films, but there are 12 others seeing it is part of the Minimovies series. This one is the first one, but you can watch the complete series overhere.
If you are wondering what else these directors have made, this is one of the videos you probably already know: Elektrotechnique – De Jeugd Van Tegenwoordig.