Remember that when you’re bored, you start to fumble around with stuff like elastic bands? In this stop motion short, this is taken to a whole new level.

Elastika is stop motion film consisting of more than 10.000 pictures. It’s a story of a girl who gets to do what she dreams of; do everything and go everywhere. To the moon and back, literally. The filmmaker describes her as “[…] young, dreamy and fearless, she drives cars way too fast, she’s also a yamakasi. She likes adventure, fireworks and unrelenting seas. From the day I conceived her, I’ve been a worried father. And a proud one too.“. Clearly it would have been quite exciting to see your creation and your character come to life as vividly as this. Even though she is made of thumb tacks and elastics, Elastika is a girl that grows on you really really fast.
Stick around during the credits! They are even some fun bloopers that they animated!