Take a look at this humorous reflection of  the life of Ing-Marie and Carl, a middle aged couple surrounded by devices to simplify their lives.

What do you think; does it make life easier, or actually a bit more complicated?

In ‘A Simpler Life,’ we see a middle-aged couple captured in static, photographic longshots. It’s a lovely summer day and while the woman is working out on the home trainer, the man is figuring out the most effective way to mow the grass. They’ve surrounded themselves with devices meant to simplify their lives and to live everyday life as comfortable and easy as possible. But is it really easier, or actually slightly more complicated?

It’s like they are becoming as automated as the devices they’re using. A soon as something small happens and the situation changes, they don’t really know how to handle the situation anymore.

The films of Norwegian filmmaker Gunhild Enger are straightforward, honest and sincere, and that’s why they are comical and touching at the same time. Because of the humor, and the imagery, her films also have a big ‘Roy Andersson’ kind of vibe. It seems that the humor is coming from just looking at things everyday people are doing. In an interview with Go Short, Enger stated: ‘’ That’s exactly what I’m doing. It is also very important that I look at myself in this way. I do all these stupid things myself as well. I see myself reflected in all of my characters; I am not only the nice ones, but the stupid ones as well.’’

It also feels like she’s mocking big stores like Ikea, whose goal it is to make peoples lives as easy as possible by using their products. I think the title ‘’A Simpler Life’’ also refers to Ikea’s slogan ‘“Affordable solutions for better living”. She’s shows how lazy we are, using all those devices, who don’t necesarily make life easier…

Enger graduated from Edinburgh College of Art, and The School of Film Directing in Gothenburg. She was nominated for a BAFTA with her graduation film Bargain, and has since then screened her films at festivals around the world. The film Premature won the international Grand Prix at Brief Encounters 2012 and was screened at Go Short 2013. Her film Passion was awarded as best international short at Alcine Madrid 2009. At Go Short, we can’t get enough of her films, so we were honoured that Gunhild Enger was our ‘filmmaker in focus’  for Go Short 2015.