“When you are a father, you often wonder what the best thing is for your children.” (filmmaker Daniel Martínez Lara)

It’s time for a new award-winning Short Film from Daniel Martínez Lara and La Fiesta P.C. This 3-D-animated short film titled Alike shows us what happens to your life when creativity is drowned out by the daily grind. It’s also about parenthood, and the importance of letting kids to forget their own journeys.

The film follows Copi and his son, Paste, who he is trying to raise on the right path. They live in a bleak, late-capitalist dystopian city where its inhabitants are conditioned to follow the system. It’s so depressing that save for grays, browns, blacks, there are few colors to be seen.

The film debuted at Mundos Digitales in 2015, and has since picked up 69 awards at festivals all over the world. Produced by Daniel Martínez Lara and La Fiesta P.C. with the support of Pepe-School-Land, the short is the result of the collaboration of various Spanish artists.

The moral of the story – obviously: Follow your heart, live your dreams and do what you love!