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Did you believe there were monsters under your bed sometimes when you were a child? And even though your parents reassured you, you were still a bit scared before going to sleep? Even when people grow older they often believe there is more between heaven and earth: A god maybe, or creatures from other planets, or monsters so strange we cannot even imagine what they would look like.

Atsushi Wada explored this uncanny feeling we all have sometimes in a beautiful hand-drawn animation. The film was made in 2013 for a BBC Channel 4 production from Animate Projects with the theme “Unknown Monsters”. This theme was chosen to celebrate the 80th birthday of the first ever published Loch Ness Monster photo. Anomalies is not about the Loch Ness Monster in particular, but more about religious faith and the universal belief in something “unknown”.

Anomalies won the Artist in Residence Stipend from quartier 21/MuseumsQuartier during the Vienna Independent Shorts Festival last month.