10 years, 5 weeks! 5 weeks left to our festival and we will celebrate our 10 year jubilee with special blog posts in the next weeks. Outside of our competition programs we put every year one or multiple filmmakers in focus. In 2012 our filmmaker in focus was the British Daniel Mulloy. This week we’ll take a look at one of his films: Antonio’s Breakfast.

In 2012 we interviewed filmmaker Daniel Mulloy. During the interview, Daniel spoke about how he strives to make films as authentic as possible. In Antonio’s breakfast for example there’s no background music in the film whatsoever. The film depicts a story that can be relatable to all of us.. It’s about a young man who has to take care of his ill father.

At Antonio’s age you don’t expect it to be necessary to help your father undress or take a bath. The movie illustrates the struggle of having fun with your friends while dealing with a sick father at home. At the same time you as an audience member realise how attached Antonio is of his father. This film shows the typical style of Daniel Mulloy’s movies by letting the audience crawl into the skin of Antonio. As Daniel Mulloy explained to us during the interview:

This is what drove me to become a filmmaker – wanting to get into the minds of the people that I was drawing when I was a kid, wanting to tell their stories.

Antonio’s Breakfast was winner of the 2005 BAFTA (British Academy for Film and Television Awards) for Best Short Film. In 2012 not only did we screen four of Daniel Mulloy’s films, we also did screen some of Daniel Mulloy’s favorite short films that inspired himself.

This year we’ll have two filmmakers in focus at the 10th edition of Go Short: Patrik Eklund and Eva Weber. Patrik Eklund is a Swedish filmmaker known for his dark comedy live-action shorts. Eva Weber, originally from Germany, directs live-action and documentary films. If you’re curious, come and watch some of their recent work at the Go Short – International Film Festival 2018.