This year our hometown Nijmegen is European Green Capital 2018. Go Short is very pleased to contribute to this by screening short films during various events of Green Capital. Last week the European Commission has announced that the Portuguese capital Lisbon has won the European Green Capital Award for 2020. This week we stick to the green theme and present you the short Birthplace

Novo Amor’s music video Birthplace is directed by Sil van der Woerd and Jorik Dozy. This video sends a powerful message about the effect humans are having on the natural world. In the film we see a man underwater in the ocean. At first it looks like a perfect world down there, but slowly we see him encounter more and more trash that is floating around.

Making this film wasn’t easy: the diver we see made around 250 free dives to capture the footage en the crew spent around 35 hours underwater. The reason Van der Woerd and Dozy made this film is that they want to make films about stories that matter, ”especially when those in disadvantage can’t speak for themselves”. The growing stream of plastic waste is a rapid growing tumor for which we are responsible, so they say. Here you can read a more extensive interview with the directors.

For now, let’s dive in and watch this beautiful film!