10 years, 9 weeks! 9 weeks left till our festival begins and we will celebrate our 10 year jubilee with special blogposts in the next weeks. In this blogpost we will take a look at one of the films made during one of the editions of the 48 hour filmproject in Nijmegen. Bodem premiered just like the other 48 hour films one week later during the Go Short Filmfestival.

Some filmmakers spend two years making their short film. These filmmakers wrote, shot and edited this Dutch short film in just two days during the 48 hour project Nijmegen in 2016. This short introduces us to a woman who awakes in what appears to be an empty swimming pool. She tries to get out of this pool, but she is stuck. Meanwhile, a young boy looks down on her, smiling, with a knive in his hand…

This short film was awarded best film of the 48 hour filmproject Nijmegen 2016. The short was awarded best cinematography as well. It also earned a best actor award for Arnold Dijkstra, who plays the role of a boy’s father (or does he?), a boy who seems to have a close relationship with knives. Mysterious, funny and a little weird are only some of the qualifications you could ascribe to this entertaining short film. In no way whatsoever, we notice that this film was made in only 48 hours! The awards the film earned are thereby totally deserved.

This year there will be another edition of the 48 Hour Film Project in Nijmegen. You can still apply here, if you like to participate in this contest as a filmmaker yourself :-)! Every city participating in this contest, like Nijmegen for example delivers one Best Film that becomes part of the worldwide 48 Hour competition. Screenings of these winning films take place during Filmapalooza. In 2018 this worldwide event takes place in Paris.

Go on and watch this short! English subtitles are available of course.