10 years, 7 weeks! 7 weeks left to our festival and we will celebrate our 10 year jubilee with special blog posts in the next weeks. Passion for films can start at an early age. That’s why Go Short is also offering a diverse program for our younger visitors!

Since our very first festival edition, we offer a diverse range of educational programs: workshops, masterclasses, and panels. Besides the New Arrivals: Go Short Campus, we also pay attention to our younger visitors by curating a program which is called “Go Shorty”. During the festival, we provide screenings for school classes on weekdays, while on Sunday we have special activities for the whole family. This weeks short was part of Go Shorty 2016.

“In animation I love how we can create an altered world which is believable,” wrote Mehdi Alibeygi about his short film Changeover.

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In this case Mehdi Alibeygi accomplishes in less than two minutes to make a love story believable between a bird and a shuttlecock, and then switch our expectations around all together. Changeover is a short that gives the viewer sweet feelings, a little laugh and hopefully the wish to watch this short film again and again. There is no dialogue in this short film, but with just some non-verbal cues the short accomplishes to generate an affective experience. This short is one of the many examples of how in an seemingly impossible short amount of time a seemingly simple story can be told in a smart and powerful way.  Go on, watch this short already!