A famous boys choir takes a tour around Seoul when they get rid of their conductor they start to see the city as there one playground. See how this films shows this in a very musical way!

Jansons’ short is a very abstract way of animation. It is shown in a very artistic way. The coloring is very sober. There are no outlines in the animation, but the way everything is done is very clear. So are the boys are just one black spot, but with the little heads popping out it’s very clear they are a group move together. While the conductor is really pops out of the screen, with her very red dress.

Jansons have made many successful animations. The Riga, Latvia based filmmaker creates his productions among Atom Art. This production company is specialist in animations of every kind. Jansons latest production ‘How Shammies Were Getting Married’ also is a short animation who looks like handmade sock poppets with buttons eyes. This film has been made to educate pre-school children about the world around them with video games and fantasies

Choir Tour has no narrative. The music is very well made by Ģirts Bišs. The theme of the film is a choir and you can hear that in the sounds used for this film. The sounds are very musical and the voices of the boys are very tuneful.

Choir Tour have been a big success and shown at many festivals around the world. The film also have been shown at this year’s edition in of Go Short in the focus program Baltic Shorts.

choir tour