Mees Peijnenburg rise to fame has been going really fast, and Cowboys Janken Ook which is has finally gone online, shows you why!

In two years Mees has screened three films in competition at Go Short, with Cowboys Janken Ook winning the Youth Award in 2014. His other films Wij Waren Wolven, Bloedhond and Un Creux dans mon Coeur haven’t gone unnoticed either, with the last one being the official Dutch entry for the Oscars. Recently he finished his first TV drama, which won two Gouden Kalveren last Netherlands Film Festival.

But back to Cowboys Janken Ook, Mees’ graduation film. A story about two friends that are inseparable and are already talking about far journeys, till one night they end up in a fight and one of them gets hit into a coma. What does an experience like this do to your friendship? An intimate story, really well acted by mostly amateur-actors. Something which Mees has stuck to with his next films. And we hope he will keep on doing for some short films more!