Ready for some summer vibes? Watch this brand new music video of the Red Hot Chili Peppers! 

The band has recently released their 11th album “The Getaway”, but now we have a visual representation for one of the tracks as well. Actress and director Olivia Wilde (known for her roles in House or Vinyl) directed the video of the song Dark Necessities.

The video includes female long boarders skateboarding around the streets of California, where there is a main focus on the bruises and cuts on their bodies. The girls are skateboarding at night and end their journey in the morning. They are enjoying the good life, as they are laughing, drinking alcohol and rubbing liquor over their wounds, getting tattooed and skating the night away. In the meantime we can see the band playing their song in a shabby house, with floral wallpaper. The band members of the Red Hot Chili Peppers perform their song while sitting in a kitchen sink, lying on the couch or standing in a room. Both the band members and the skateboarders are having fun with their activities, which gives a positive vibe to the video and the song.

Go check out their video now!