When a man in his late-forties gets a fatal accident he arrives at the pearly gates. Over there he gets to know he can relive one earthly memory. What will he choose? A deadpan tale packed with detailed events.

Chris de Krijger is a dutch filmmaker who graduated from the St. Joost Academy in Breda. He won the prize for best Director from The One Vision Party at the Dutch Film Festival for his film De Hemelpoort in 2015. This filmĀ has also been shown on both last year’s Go Short and Nijmeegse Kunstnacht, to great succes. Lastly this film is now selected on the film platform Shortoftheweek. His work is, as he puts it, focused on little intimate moments where people are thrown back onto theirselves and their surroundings, where all people need to do is think on how they react to these situations that call on their own being. This also shows in this film where the protagonist relives his memory but nothing goes as he wants it to… the question is then; how do you react when there is no help from anyone or anything?