Life is only a speck of dust, set against the vastness of space. Death, it turns out, is pretty much the same. Thomas Lucas aptly illustrates how comically meaningless life is beyond our stratosphere.

I know what you’re thinking: life is an inescapable series alternating between pain and suffering for all of eternity. No worries, however: we all die eventually. And sometimes we die in quick, painless and pretty funny ways. For astronauts, for instance, it is only a matter of opening a window.

Thomas Lucas’s animated short shows us a variety of ways to die in outer space. The quick editing doesn’t leave the viewer much time to think, rendering each catastrophical misstep totally meaningless. Lucas’s cute animation style does the rest. In the face of the endless blackness that is both death and space, there is no alternative but to laugh.

Thomas Lucas is a freelance animator, illustrator and storyboard artist based in Cardiff. When he is not updating his blog, he brings us hilarious ten-second animated shorts about how much of a disappointment you are. Yes, you – you specifically, Henry.