10 years, 2 weeks! We are getting closer and closer to our festival. Every year at Go Short we have aside from a filmmaker in focus, one or multiple countries in focus as well. Last year our country in focus was Spain and one of these Spanish programmed films called Duck Crossing (2010) is this week’s focus. A documentary or should I say mockumentary about one type of actor in the movies that is often overlooked, the duck!

Spanish Award winners at Go Short are not an exception, not at all actually. Ámár (2010) won best animation short in 2011, The Runaway (2011) won best fiction short in 2012 and Ebb & Flow (2012) won best documentary short in 2013.  While watching Duck Crossing you as an audience member might ask yourself how serious you should take the central protagonists, the duck actors, and the film itself. But did you indeed ever realize the importance of ducks in the movies? While ducks have been in the movies for ages, actually since the early days of cinema when French filmmaker George Mélie used ducks in his film “The Enchanted Well”, they are still often ridiculed.  Hear from the likes of Roman Polanski and David Fincher what ducks have meant for them in their films. There should be no reason to ridicule these ducks, because like this mockumentary (a term used to describe fiction films that look like a documentary) shows, ducks are artists just as profound as any human artist can be!

This year our country in focus is Ireland (as you might already know) and it is more than deserving it’s spotlight.  The Oscar winning film Stutterer is screened as part of this Irish program at our festival among many other live-action, documentary and animated shorts.

Tickets & Info concerning the Irish Film Program: https://tinyurl.com/ydblkk8q.