A combination of hormones and mediocre taste in music leads young girls all over the world to obsessively worship internet celebrities. Fangirl documents their borderline disturbing love.

“It can’t say it was love at first sight,” a young fan confesses to the camera. This, of course, is not entirely true. “Because I’d seen him before that,” she continues. “But when I met him, the connection was finally real. It was finally happening.”

Every girl remembers obsessing over celebrities during their teens — my girlfriend still has a scrapbook loaded with pictures of Brad Pitt. It’s part of the high school experience. Of course, you have normal teen fandom on the one hand and disturbing obsession on the other. The girls in Fangirl operate somewhere in the grey area between them. They love their idols. They love them very, very much.

Fangirl is a short documentary by Los Angeles based director and photographer Liza Mandelup.

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