Let a wolf take you through the different worlds of Flow!

Flow is the graduation project of Mathijs Demaeght for his Master of Animation at the RITS school of art. Although this is Demaeght’s first introduction to the short film world, his film Flow reached an impressive number of viewers. Flow has been selected for several festivals, including International Short Film Festival Leuven and the student competition of Annecy International Animation Film Festival.

What makes Flow so special is that it folds three different worlds in one. The girl and the wolf are traveling around different settings, each with their own distinct composition and color palette. The changes in lighting and structures create an emotional journey, a flow through loneliness, grief, friendship and love. No words are spoken, but the story is told through the use of colors and body language. Demaeght wanted to avoid a clear-cut storyline with a closed ending, or a funny punchline. His distinct style, a combination of 2D backgrounds and 3D animation, is used to transmit some kind of of all encompassing feeling. Though he is now in another line of work, he keeps trying his hand at animation. He dreams od starting his own studio with his girlfriend, who is an animator as well. It doesn’t have to be a huge enterprise, just a place to create things in his own style.