Shake dat booty! French animator Titouan Bordeau brings the club to your laptop/phone/desktop computer with this short animated music video. I understand it may be difficult, but please try to sit still so you don’t miss the completely unironic cartoon twerking.

You’ve seen it thousands of time: bouncing cars, rain makers fertilizing the streets with their hard earned green, half naked women dancing a dance so sexually loaded that you suspect just looking at it might make you the father of their childeren — they are the clichés of the best music videos club bangers have to offer. Titouan Bordeau provides an exciting spin on this genre with his extremely stylized, flat manner of animation. The cartoony style almost makes Freeda Tropi Fafa seem like a parody, but it is presented with so much sincerity, it’s hard not to get swept away.

Fun fact: Titouan Bordeau worked as an animator on Yùl and the Snake, which is in our European competition this year.

freeda tropi fafa still