In the last Short Shot of this year, we visit 93-year old Mister de Vries, who spends his last days quietly and alone in his little wooden house in the Netherlands. Everything in his life is serene and peaceful until an unexpected messenger wakes him up, and brings back a beloved object from his youth. Mister de Vries would like to go back to that lovely time once more.

Goodbye Mister de Vries was directed by Masha Halberstad and written by Fiona van Heemstra. Masha Halberstad has directed many short stop motion films since her studies at ArtEZ, and also contributed to How To Survive…. Goodbye Mister de Vries was the winner of the International Short and Animation Award at Schlingel International Film Festival.

Only thing left for us is to wish you a Merry Christmas, and a happy 2014!

Short Shot