Douwe Dijkstra was part of our European Competition Jury last edition of Go Short. And next to being an excellent jury member, he is a filmmaker and visual artist as well. His film Green Screen Gringo, selected for the Dutch Competition program in 2017 is a testiment to his artistry and his fascination for green screens in general.

When studying Douwe Dijkstra’s work, for example the trailer he made in 2017, one thing in particular stands out: his use of visual effects and green screens in particular. Green screens sometimes bring to mind some negative associations. For example: in some cases it’s very obvious that green screens were used in a laughable bad way in a film like The Room (2003). Green Screens these days are a filmmaker’s tool used in all kind of films. They are often used in moments where you wouldn’t expect them to be used. Douwe Dijkstra actually uses the green screen in a manner that is completely his own in Green Screen Gringo. In this short film he brings people together on the streets of Brazil and his green screen. Thereby, he doens’t try to make the green screen as a tool invisible in any sense, but uses it as a portal to other worlds. Not already convinced to watch his short film? Maybe the International Jury of the Glasgow Short Film Festival can convince you even more. They chose Green Screen Gringo as best International Short Film at their festival. This is what their jury report read:

“The filmmaker’s position as tourist in a complicated political landscape shows great honesty as it highlights themes of displacement, resistance, inequality and echoes of colonialism. The innovative use of the green screen playfully and astutely communicates the grand narrative of Brasil’s turbulent recent events whilst highlighting the persistence of its complex history.”