“Don’t say anything. Just send it to a friend”.

Yes, that’s right. This butt-naked creep is staring right at you. Last March when Kirsten Lepore unlocked the clip, this two-and-a-half stop-motion animation went viral. It was quickly picked up and shared across Facebook. “Don’t say anything. Just send it to a friend,” many Facebook posts said. In the video, this character, layed on his stomach while maintaining fixed eye contact, tells the viewers that you can look at his butt if you want, and asks to draw you because he thinks you’re beautiful. Some thinks it’s creepy, some find it satisfying.

Kirsten Lepore is an LA-based director and animator. She wrote and directed an Annie & Emmy-winning stop-motion episode for Cartoon Network’s hit show, Adventure Time. The character in Hi Stranger is based on a doodled Post It note by Adventure Time head writer Kent Osborne. Hi Stranger is part of Late Night Work Club’s, a collective of indie animators, anthology Strangers.

This short was last month’s supporting film as part of our program De Voorfilm Moet Terug and has been screened in several cinema’s in Holland.