Take a dive in this movie! Or do you prefer dipping your toes first?

In this short, the main character Tommy goes on a little trip to the indoor swimming pool. During his visit, he struggles to deal with his anxiety. Can he escape his fears as sweat drips from his forehead?

In her final year at Switzerland’s Lucerne University of Applied Science & Arts, Lalita Brunner made this short as a representation of her personal fears of completing University. During her bachelor studies she began to think about her personal value, which didn’t really support her self-esteem. As a result, she started to feel uncomfortable around people sometimes. “I put all the thoughts and feelings I had during this [period] into the animation process of Immersion.” (Lalita Brunner on Immersion).

“The symbolic meaning I wanted to deliver to the audience is that you should not be too harsh on yourself or things you cannot really change at the moment.” (Lalita Brunner on Immersion)

Immersion was part of our program De Voorfilm Moet Terug . It was the supporting film of last July and has been screened in several cinema’s in Holland.