It got over 12 millions views in 72 hours after the release on YouTube.

Yes. You’re right. This is the last Short Shot of 2017, and it include what might be the most discussed short of this year.

Beth David and Esteban Bravo, both computer animation majors at Ringling College of Art and Design in Florida, started to work on the film in January 2016. In a Heartbeat wasn’t a gay romance in the first place. “A friend of ours was pitching ideas to us for potential projects,” as David explains for an interview with The Guardian. “It was her idea to show a person with their heart popping out of their chest, chasing down a crush. But initially it was about a boy and a girl. It wasn’t until Esteban and I decided to switch it to a same-sex crush that the film started to feel like a personal story that we were invested in. It was the kind of story we wish we had seen as kids.”

The two announced a Kickstarter campaign to raise money for the project last November, more than quadrupling their initial goal of $3,000 by raising over $14,000. Only 72 hours after releasing the short on YouTube, it already got over 12 millions views.

Same-sex love stories are rare in animated films. This seems to be the reason why the internet has lifted In a Heartbeat to viral status. “From a business standpoint, it makes sense why studios are afraid to portray LGBT characters, just because there’s still part of the population that’s not accepting,” Bravo said. “But as leaders of children’s content, it’s really important for them to represent these people because not showing LGBT characters leads to a lot of internalized confusion as kids grow up.” (…) “There was a part of us that was aware this could potentially be a baby-step towards normalizing LGBT romance and, hopefully, toward larger productions and studios doing something like this.”

So, we’re coming to an end, for now. But don’t you worry! We are not going anywhere! Not only are we going to celebrate our big 1-0: we will just be right here next week, and every other Wednesday in 2018.

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