11 year-old Robert is stuck on a holiday with his parents. He is very curious and impatient to grow and become a man.

Jam Today perfectly shows the vision of pre-teen sexual awakening. The parents of Robert decided to go on a vacation on a boat, which leaves Robert stuck on the boat, all by himself. His neighbours are a young couple and Robert is a very curious guy. Just as any other adolescent, Robert begins to go through the awkward time where he discovers the role of his own body. He realises that he can impress girls by working out and he starts looking at pictures of women, in order to improve his body.

Do you remember that you wanted to be a grownup when you were 10-12 years old? Well, Robert wants to grow up too. He also figures out that the idealistic view of his parents can change overnight, perfectly showed during an awkward breakfast the morning after. Both the acting and directing is strong in this short movie, the feeling of how you wanted to be a grownup is perfectly captured in Jam Today.