Space, the final frontier. With going to strange new worlds, you can’t avoid stumbling into new civilisations that are very troublesome to handle. See what happens when a space delivery man causes havoc without even knowing it.

It’s hard finding a new take on space travel in science fiction. There are so many films with people in spaceships and another large amount of films with people exploring new planets. Last year alone, two of those year’s blockbusters, ‘Star Trek: Into Darkness’ and ‘Gravity’ were about space travel. Then again, they both demonstrated the difference in the genre.

This film is about a delivery service in space, and about one guy who has to go from planet to planet to deliver his packages. Seems exciting, going from one corner of the universe to another, but this main character just can’t be bothered with it. He controls his ship as if he’s a couch potato controlling the television. He doesn’t even get out of the space ship on his own. What’s so great about this short is that the animation is really detailed. You almost have to pause the film to see all of the little things lying around the space ship.

The story is a lot of fun on its own, but when it’s accompanied by a great sense of humor and a distinctive style, it’s a world-smashing short.