Are you into Apple and do you use your iPhone, iPad and Macbook  for everything? Maybe this week’s Short Shot will be an inspiration for you, since this music video is completely made with gadgets.

In the videoclip Knock Knock Apple products provide the stage, for a creative animation that is worth watching. The videoclip tells the story of a unanswered love between a rabbit and a girl. The rabbit is a bad boy and tries to get her attention, but she continues to run away from him.  The video shows this in a very creative way by using the different screens of iPhones and iPads. In total the makers has used 14 different screens in the video.

The video is made as a music video for the Ukrainian band Brunettes Shoot Blondes. They wanted a minimalistic video for their new song Knock Knock, and they got it!

We hope this videoclip inspires you to make your own animation with your smartphones and tablets!

Knock Knock