Today the 37th edition of Nederlands Film Festival has started in Utrecht. So because of that, we’re also celebrating the Dutch film!

After she fails to commit suicide, Laura gets unexpectedly accompanied by a stranger during her last trip. As a consequence, a bizzare adventure starts and Laura begins to doubt whether she still wants to end her life or not.

LAZARUS, directed by Gonzalo Fernandez, is a graduation short of the Netherlands Film Academy. It has won the Best Dutch Short Film at Go Short 2016 and has been screened at other film festivals such as Nederlands Film Festival 2015 and Tel Aviv International Student Film Festival 2016.

Gonzalo Fernandez has two new films at this years Nederlands Film Festival. He directed and produced La Isola, a 10 minute drama about the relation between a prisoner and his guard, and produced the short Blok, a short about two prisoners who have to share a cell because of a mistake.

Nederlands Film Festival is from the 20th until the 29th of October in Utrecht. Go check it out!