Take a long walk with the laughing pink pony Lesley and meet up with her friends.  Accompanied by Lesley’s all-time favorite song!

This short animation about Lesley the pony was one of the films screened during the official opening at KLIK! Amsterdam Animation Festival.  KLIK! is an animation festival that shows animations in all it’s different shapes and sizes. The festival took place from 4 – 9 November in EYE Amsterdam. The theme of this edition was ‘Boys, Girls & Beyond!’ and the festival showed different animations about men, woman and everything in between.

Lesley the Pony Has an A+ Day! directed by Christian Larrave is a crazy animation about a pony that makes a long walk to her friend the Duke in the town of Merryville. Lesley sees a lot of different animals and friends on her way.

Larrave made this film as a student project. The 21-years-old Larrave combined animation films from his own youth and the master classes in soft-focus animations from the likes of Charlie The Unicorn.

Have a look at this crazy little friend but be aware of the dangers the wild can bring you!!