Light Light’s interactive video for their song Kilo is our Short Shot this week. When they met in the Amsterdam Museum of History, the two bands zZz and Saelors decided that they should play some songs together. After recording two songs during one weekend, they knew they had to make an entire EP, and the collaboration Light Light was born. After the formation halfway through 2011, they worked on their first EP, and it was released on March 19th 2013. A few days earlier, the interactive video for ‘Kilo’ was released. In the video, the viewer was challenged to follow a series of orders, for example follow a specific line or create the demanded picture. The movement from the cursors of the people who tried it before you are visible, which creates a stunning image. Cool? You can try it here! The video won the Dutch Design Award for Best Motion Design, and was nominated for a UK Music Video Award. Studio Moniker is a Dutch design company, based in Amsterdam and founded in 2012. They work with various media-partners and specialize in different forms of design.