10 years, 4 weeks!  4 weeks left to our festival and we will celebrate our 10 year jubilee with special blog posts in the next weeks. In this week we will shine a light at one of our standouts of last year, Zara Dwinger. Her short film LIV is the focus of the blogpost this week.

As an international filmfestival we like to recognize talented filmmakers. These standouts, as we call them, are Dutch filmmakers that have one of their films at Go Short in either one of our competition programs or in one of our out-of competition programs.  Last year we posted several short videos about our so -called standouts on our facebook page. In one minute videos each of these standouts talk about their working process. Do these filmmakers have certain habits that enable them to advance their creativity? And how do they come up with the ideas for their short films? Zara Dwinger, for example, tells us that her favorite place to work is in bed. Watching films, reading books, visiting museums, even just looking around on the internet can spark ideas for this young female director. In the case of LIV her search through the internet led her to the discovery of a place called Disappointment Island. She was really surprised about the existence of an island called Disappointment Island and her short film LIV was a result of this excitement.

In LIV our main protagonist is on a little Disappointment Island herself. The first disappointment arises in the beginning of the film when she is in an intimate moment with a boy she has a crush on. In the middle of this intimate kiss, her mother calls her to ask her to come home. At home with her parents, another disappointment awaits for her….

LIV was part of the Go Ahead program line at the Go Short Film Festival last year. Go Ahead is the student program line for filmmakers who are still in film school, but are already showing they are talented filmmakers to be reckoned with. The line-up of the Go Ahead program line this year is already available on our website. If you’re curious about other standouts from last year or if you would like to see which filmmakers are standouts this year, keep an eye on our youtube channel or our facebook page in the coming weeks.

Have a great time watching LIV!