10 years, 6 weeks! 6 weeks left to our festival and we will celebrate our 10 year jubilee with special blog posts in the next weeks. As an international filmfestival we shouldn’t forget about filmmakers from our own region. That’s why this week one of Christian van Duuren’s short films will be celebrated.

As a filmfestival that is based in Nijmegen, it is always nice to have some filmmakers who have actually a background in Nijmegen itself. Christian van Duuren grew up in Nijmegen and went to a secondary school in Nijmegen. As an aspiring filmmaker he decided to apply for the Dutch filmacademy, but they apparently didn’t accept him. The Utrecht School of Arts did however and his short film Meantime was his graduation film and it was a direct hit! At The Netherlands Film Festival, Meantime was one of the three films to be nominated the best graduation film award of 2015. At our own filmfestival, Go Short, Meantime was part of the Dutch competition and Homegrown, a program line especially focused on talents from this region. Meantime is an intimate drama. It has two characters at its center, a woman played by Anneke Blok who has been injured as a result of a car accidence, and a boy in his twenties around her son’s age played by Milan Boele van Hensbroek. Christian van Duuren wrote about this specific film:

A car crash is a terrible thing and something we would rather not hear nor see. […] While the emergency services are rushing in, the world seems to stand still, and in the unlikeliest of places a deep emotional connection is made.

A few weeks ago, Christian was our special guest at Stukafest Utrecht where we screened and discussed his film Gamechanger, which was shown at Go Short 2017.