A car crash is a terrible thing and something we would rather not hear nor see. But as disaster strikes and people hurt, an emotional connection can mean the world to someone.

Meantime tells the story of a young man who comes across a terrible car accident on a remote roadway. he notifies emergency services before reluctantly approaching the crashed vehicle to see who is inside.  While the emergency services are rushing in the world seems to stand still, and in the unlikeliest of places a deep emotional connection is made.

With this film Christian van Duuren graduated at the Utrecht School of the Arts in the Netherlands. This film was selected for the Dutch competition at Go Short and in the Homegrown programme. The film did quite well abroad and at the Netherlands Film Festival the film was nominated for the Tuschinski award, as one of the three best graduation films of 2015. At this festival Christian won one of the Wildcards, a programme of the Netherlands Film Fund in which young film makers are offered the opportunity to realise their first production after their graduation. This year he premiered his new film Gamechanger.