Tram (2012) was part of our Best Of 10 Years Program last edition at Go Short. It is an animation short film that you won’t easily forget and that will certainly put a smile on your face.

This short shows you how it is like as a woman to operate a tram full of guys in grey suits, that are secretly more than a little appealing for this woman. While driving the tram she gets excited more and more, but first she has to surpass a few obstacles to get truly excited in the end. In the way the woman’s face is animated, the film is capable of at first a little subtly express what the woman experiences.

What starts as subtle becomes more and more over the top. Very importantly, it is the use of music in this short that makes the short work so well. At first a piece of music is used that is a little repetitive, but in no sense boring, music that could be described as being a little slow, but quirky as well. Near the end of the short the music becomes more uplifting in a piece of music that reminded us most of music that could have been used as part of an act in the circus. It is the animation and the interesting use of music that make for an animation short film that has more depth to it than you might think at first.

Feel a little awkward, but in the end have a comedic and in particular fulfilling experience, while watching this short!


Written and directed by Michaela Pavlátová