Perfume campaigns usually have a calm vibe. The camera follows a famous model of Hollywood actress and she is pictured perfectly. The new spot for the perfume brand Kenzo World is completely the opposite.

Director Spike Jonze (known for his films Her, Where the Wild Things Are and Being John Malkovich) gives us an unique point of view from a young woman who is very bored, while listening to a speech. The woman (played by Margaret Qualley) leaves the room and starts to dance, and what a dance! It looks like Qualley suddenly gets possessed by some sort of force, while we can hear the song ‘Mutant Brain’ from Sam Spiegel and Ape Drums featuring Assassin. Only at the end we can see that the short film is in fact a commercial for the new fragrance of Kenzo World. A very interesting commercial it is!

kenzo world