“The show must go on!” someone must have shouted, right before this marching band decided to march on through this obstacle course set up by Dutch film maker Noël Loozen. Absurd as it may be, there is something beautiful in seeing these musicians overcoming their obstacles — without missing a beat.

Noël Loozen is no stranger to the Go Short film festival. Last year, we screened his film The Hornhunter (trailer) and his latest, Spoetnik (trailer) was pitched at our festival last year. In 2010, he infamously searched for naked girls to photograph in his bedroom — with succes, we might add.

Starting out as a photographer, Obstacle Course 2.0 was originally a project which forced Loozen to deal with sound. The result, however, transcends that modest goal and offers a fascinating look at… human persistance, we think.

A special bonus: Noël Loozen will be our guest at Stukafest Nijmegent, an awesome festival completely set in students’s rooms, February 2nd. Check out our interview with him here. Go Short will not only screen Spoetnik, but also give you an exclusive opportunity to ask him everything you ever wanted. About those naked girls, for instance.

obstacle course still