After winning around 80 awards, Oh Willy…, the biggest animation from 2012, is finally online! 

Oh Willy… is one of those films you don’t really say too much about the story, because you don’t want to give anything away but also because it’s hard to completely capture into words. Which isn’t so suprising, knowing Marc James Roels is involved in the films, who also made Mompelaar and A Gentle Creature. The basis for the story is main character Willy who goes back to visit his dying mother in a nudist community. And from there the story goes in a Lynchian direction.

But when talking about this film you have to mention the beautiful animation technique: stop motion with all woolen creatures. A style Emma showed in her earlier work Zachte Planten, which is also great, and which in recurring in some of their work for commercials and festival trailers. But let’s not talk more about the film, just watch it for yourself. Or like we have done: re-watch it over and over again!

oh_willy (1)