What would it look like if you could dance and jump around with seven clones of yourself? Naren Wilks filmed a man with eight cameras and made it happen.

One Man, Eight Cameras, has a  vintage feel reminding us of comedians like Charlie Chaplin and dancers from black and white silent films, but the techniques are hyper modern. Wilks made eight cameras “act as one” and filmed himself from eight different viewpoints, dancing to music by Moishe’s Bagel. The result is a beautiful kaleidoscopic image which is rotationally symmetrical. Wilks clearly mastered this interesting technique if we look at his earlier works. For example in Lyrebird Soup  the protagonist is a man who interacts with his own mirror image that starts moving in different ways. In the music video Fear & Delight from the Correspondents the singer lives in the same vintage, round, kaleidoscopic universe as the man in One Man, Eight Cameras.

Wilks even made his funny worlds accessible to the public in his interactive art installation Collide-o-scope live. Like playing with a virtual kaleidoscope, visitors could move around in a white room with four cameras and see the results on screen afterwards.

One Man, Eight Cameras was selected for the Hamburg International Short Film Festival in the “No Budget Competition”.