Pearl – an Oscar nomination for the best animated short in 2017!

Today we have something different for you. It’s part music video, part road movie, and entirely immersive, thanks to it being a 360-degree animated short that lets viewers tilt their phones to look around in the car and find their own vantage point as the story unfolds around them.

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Pearl is about a musician single father giving up his life on the road for his young daughter, allowing her to push him away in favor of new friends during her bumpy adolescence, and then being reunited with her and her friends — now her successful bandmates — in her young adulthood.

Patrick Osborne is no stranger to the Academy Awards: The animator-cum-helmer made his directorial debut with animated short Feast, a charming tale told from the point of view of an adorable dog, which earned him a Best Short Oscar in 2015. Patrick previously served as Animation Supervisor on the Oscar-winning short Paperman, and animated on Bolt, Tangled, and Wreck-It Ralph while at Walt Disney Animation Studios.