What do you get when you get a great band and the most exciting music video collective to work together? A video that captures a live performance that just keeps getting cooler and cooler, that is what you get!

In this music video Phoenix plays their song “Trying To Be Cool” while two film crews take turns filming the band for 25 seconds. This takes the one-take, made popular by the OK GO videos, to the next level. A countdown clock in the background gives you an idea of how fast the crews have to work. One crew makes sure everything gets filmed, while the other is getting fully prepped for the next shot. Besides completing this nerve-wrecking task, CANADA even manages to add their signature surreal and playful edge with a retro tinge. If you don’t believe this can be done, watch the video until the end, because there is also a behind the scenes segment included.

The video is made as a part of The Creators Project, that stimulates visionary artists across multiple disciplines to push the boundaries of creative expression. Watch the boundaries get pushed with some great ping-pong, chess, dance and magic skills.