Today within the context of the Cinekid Festival that takes place in Amsterdam until Friday, we present you the short film Plaster.

Plaster, directed by Jeroen Houben, is a Dutch short and was part of the Go Short Film Festival in 2016 in our Family Short program.

Plaster (original title: GIPS) tells a sweet and dreamlike story about Pelle, a 12 year old boy who breaks his arm just before he goes on holiday with his parents. When he comes across a potential summer romance, Pelle realizes he can’t stay a wallflower forever.

We need to seize the moment!

Besides the Go Short Film Festival the film was part of the NTR Kort! program, and premiered in the Golden Calf competition of the Netherlands Film Festival in 2015. It was also part of the official selection of the prestigious Palm Springs ShortFest 2016, and had it’s online premiere at Short Of The Week.