Go Short is here! To celebrate the kick-off of the seventh edition of the festival, this week’s short is not only very relevant to Go Short but also brought to you by both Go Short and the International Film Festival Rotterdam!
This psychedelic short is a good example of how something abstract can still move you and intrigue you. In this short, blots of primary colors get put under pressure, until they crack and break apart. This causes the colors to blend and mingle while the cracks create fascinating, web-like structures within a growing number of colors. The new, mixed colors seem to be more resilient against the pressure, until, eventually, they crack.

Johan Rijpma is no stranger to abstract, slightly strange, video’s. His film Descent is part of our Dutch Competition this yearand was invited to make the trailer of Go Short. Even something as simple as a title design for the festival slogan ‘Life is Short’ becomes something much, much, weirder and much cooler in the hands of Johan Rijpma.

You wouldn’t expect someone who makes films like this to only have graduated from the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten in Utrecht 2 years ago with his film Tape Generations. At Go Short 2013 we even presented a first retrospective of his work. With his short, strange, but visually stunning films, Rijpma is sure to be someone to keep your eye on as he keeps exploring new territories and new materials.

Primary Expansion - Johan Rijpma