Your favorite animated animals of this year are back to wish you a merry Christmas! The animation film that won the Audience Award at Go Short 2014 has finished it’s glorious festival run and can now be watched online.

The film cleverly combines 2D and 3D animation styles. When Péter Vácz started working on this film, which would be his graduation project for MOME Anim in Budapest, the mixing of techniques was one of his primary interests. The clash of 2D and 3D worlds then became the inspiration and driving force of the story.

A rabbit and a deer enjoy spending time together doing cool stuff in a two-dimensional world. It’s not always fun and games though. When they can’t agree upon which TV-show to watch, the ensuing remote control battle destroys the screen. As Deer tries to fix it, he suddenly sees a special kind of image. It keeps spinning around in Deer’s mind, and soon it is all he can think about. Now that he’s obsessed with ‘the new dimension’, the worlds of Deer and Rabbit drift apart. Will this be the end of their friendship?

Though the characters have a childlike appeal, the film is enjoyable for people of all ages. As Vácz puts it himself: “Everyone who has feelings and empathy is my ‘target'”.  He obviously aimed well and his film became one of the hits of this year’s festival season. Besides the appealing mix of styles, the impeccable timing makes the film very funny. Not a word is a spoken but you won’t even notice it. Every sound feels like words. No wonder it turned out to be the favorite film of the audience at Go Short 2014. Watch Vácz and Deer accept the Audience Award!

Even winning awards turned to be a challenge in itself, as Vácz explains in a very complete and honest write-up about the production and promotion of Rabbit and Deer: “I’m very happy and grateful for having such an amazing reaction to my film in the end. But winning over 100 awards isn’t always easy to process. I had to learn to take them and stay down to earth, grateful, without feeling guilty or having any other weird feeling. With time I slowly understood that they are not shiny glorious badges but each of them is a ‘word’ of appreciation, love and a wish to share it with other people.”

We’re happy Vácz has now released the film online, just in time for us to share it with you before the festive season!

Rabbit and Deer

Rabbit and Deer wish you a merry Christmas!