A lonely woman tries to connect to people via chatroulette. She soon finds out that this might not be the most ideal way to make new friends or to feel less lonely. However, just before she gives up completely, she meets someone who feels the same way. Lucy finally finds a friend from a very special place.

As films set in outer space go, they tend to be pretty work intensive and not too cheap either. Ben Aston shows us that that’s not always the case. With a budget under 5o pounds, and a few tricks, this short manages to make the space setting convincing enough, even showing us Earth from above. To achieve this, a small set was set up made out of wood that’s painted white. This looked way too plain, so eventually they ended up sticking a lot of small plastic bags to the walls. To finish it off, a poster of Earth seen from space was put up behind the little window. The set still didn’t look exceptionally realistic, but because of how the film was shot (from a webcam to a computerscreen and then filming the computerscreen) it looked good enough.

This film shows the power of short films and where it comes from; it doesn’t come from money or how huge the subject matter or the effects are. It comes from a creative spirit and finding cunning ways on how to deal with a smaller crew and a smaller budget.

This film won the Sundance London jury prize for the online shorts competition.

You can watch a behind the scenes video here