An old man with a quest, a young man, and a princess stuck in a tower: though, it is not your average fantasy film.

Short But Sweet, in Dutch Kort Maar Krachtig. This short is definitely kort maar krachtig!

An old man gives a young man the quest to rescue a princess in a tower: sounds familiar? This is an hilarious two-minute short based on all the clichés of adventure and fantasy films. The animation is directed by Junaid Chundrigar and is made in association with Davor Bujakovic, who is part of studio KLOMP! Animation based in Rotterdam.

‘Ultrakort’ (means ‘ultra short’), an annual competition made possible by the Dutch Filmfonds and Fonds 21, gives its winners the opportunity to realise their two-minute short. Kort Maar Krachtig is one of the winners of 2017. The film is shown as supporting film for Thor: Ragnarok in Pathé cinema’s.