VR! Lasers! Meta! Just a few empty terms to grab anyone’s attention these days because they are all the rage, but Superlative Light is so much more than that. More than just a short film, it is a project that works on many levels, incorporating a 360° film, an edit of the same scenes as in the 360° film which makes the viewing a totally different experiment, and it is a metadocumentary on film- and photography making to boot.

The best thing about Superlative Light is perhaps that it doesn’t need these things to be a very interesting story in itself. Robert Schults’ story is one going from homeless to succes on an interesting path, and his hardships interlinking with his photography art is a succesful combination. You’ll also be grabbed by the experimental side of this project perhaps, with the two films being shot simultaneously yet separately making it two different films yet similar. Watching one gives you just half the experience though it is in essence the same film… or not?superlative-light-still