You can’t get enough of animal videos online? Then be sure to watch Reka Bucsi’s Symphony no. 42, our favorite animal animation in a while. Yes, there are cats in it!

But to only call it an animal animation would be giving this film too little credit, because it’s a lot more than that. As the title suggests, you can experience this film like a musical piece made from different scenes that somehow manage to form a logical whole. Even when a classic narrative is completely missing. Every scene somehow gives the sense of a bigger narrative and connect with each other is a subtle way. Quite an achievement for a graduation film! It wasn’t suprising that the film was all over the festivals, starting in Berlin and going on to SXSW, Sundance, Annecy and lots more.

But that the director is more than a one hit wonder, was proven this year when Reka returned with the amazing LoveĀ which was part of our opening program and European Competition. Again animals and strange creatures in its spotlight, but a completely different narrative approach. And on top of that, she also designed our festival t-shirt and bag!