Russian Roulette – Ben Aston

A lonely woman tries to connect to people via chatroulette. She soon finds out that this might not be the most ideal way to make new friends or to feel less lonely. However, just before she gives up completely, she meets someone who feels the same way. Lucy finally finds a friend from a very special place.

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I Love Alaska – Lernert & Sander

The start of the summer in The Netherlands, always means a new series of “Zomergasten”: a number of long interviews with interesting people (mostly Dutch) in which they show their favorite television-moments and film bits. Last Sunday comedian Micha Wertheim got interviews and showed his favorite fragments. Among them was the short by Lernert & Sander called I Love Alaska, one of a number of episodic documentaries. In these films we get to know a women through her search-queries. We were blown away by the one we saw, so we thought why not spend some more attention to it on our blog, because there is a lot more to see. We could only include one of the films, but there are 12 others seeing it is part of the Minimovies series. This one is the first one, but you can watch the complete series overhere.
If you are wondering what else these directors have made, this is one of the videos you probably already know: Elektrotechnique – De Jeugd Van Tegenwoordig.