Unsure whether to be laughing or crying…

This short is very relatable, but maybe more to those who work in the creative industry. Taking Stock tells the story of the director’s recent working life: Duncan Cowles is trying to make some cash by selling stock footage online, since he’s in between projects. Besides creating a connection with other freelancers, it also gives us a good laugh with its dry humour. This 4-minutes short gives an insight to the life of the self-employed using his own failed attempts at creating profitable stock footage.

Duncan Cowles is BAFTA Scotland Award winning documentary filmmaker. His earlier works are, like this one, also often centering mundane subjects and therefore highly relatable. His first short The Lady with the Lamp received over 300,000 views overnight upon premiering online after it has been screened on several international festivals.

Cowles is currently making his first feature-length documentary.